Jerusalem Salad Flatbread with Tzatziki and Fresh Greens

Jerusalem Salad Flatbread with Tzatziki and Fresh Greens
Serves 1
If you thought the humble naan had to be relegated to falafel sandwiches and stuffed with grilled meat, think again. This delicious flatbread makes a perfect Spring or Summer appetizer or vegetarian main course.
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  1. 1 naan flatbread
  2. 1 1/2 large cucumber, peeled and diced
  3. 4 roma tomatoes, diced
  4. 1 lemon, juiced
  5. 1 cup fresh greens (of your choice)
  6. 1/3 cup tzatziki sauce (or Ranch dressing)
  7. salt and pepper, to taste
  1. Toast the naan in the oven at 300 degrees for 10 minutes or microwave for 10-20 seconds and allow to cool for a minute.
  2. While the bread is warming up, mix the cucumber, tomatoes, lemon juice, salt and pepper in a bowl and allow to sit.
  3. Spread the tzatziki sauce over the warm naan.
  4. Top with the cucumber and tomato mixture.
  5. Top with extra tzatziki sauce, if desired.
  6. Serve immediately.

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